April 29th, 2003


A distinct lack of yawn

I had 11 hours sleep on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night (interrupted by coughing fits and other necessities). Last night I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 (despite going to be at midnight), but then slept in until 11am.

Tonight, I'm determined to be tired when I go to bed, but it's 1:20 in the morning and my body is refusing to cooperate. I've already emailed work to tell them I won't be in (and going in would be dumb, I could do the work from home, but my concentration isn't there and I'd be coughing on everyone and having to lie down every half an hour), so I don't need to go to bed, but I'd rather like to get tired sometime soon.

But I've seemed to need less sleep since I went on the low-carbohydrate diet, I've had loads of sleep in the last few days, done precious little exercise, and apparently snoring is not something my body wants to do.

I bet there's nothing good on tv either.

All about me!

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I was at the opera earlier. Erin was kind enough to take me along as her plus one for Carmen which she's reviewing. I was feeling a fair bit better (I even managed to accompany Erin to the shops and back without feeling more than slightly dizzy) so I figured I'd last through the a couple of hours at the theatre.

Which I probably would have done, except the air was dry enough to set off my coughing. I lasted to the end of the first act by swallowing constantly and concentrating on relaxing my throat, but this meant that I wasn't really getting a lot out of the production, so Imade my excuses and ran away home.

In soem ways I don't regret it - the music to Carmen is pretty good (if not thie kind of thing I listen to normally), but the characters were driving me up the wall. It seemed to be entirely full of the kind of over-emotional characters normally seen on Days of Our Lives or Shakespearian love stories - incapable of behaving in a way that can have any positive outcome for them. On top of that, the general attitudes from that time leave me wanting to stab people "How terrible the factory girls are, they are forward with themselves and smoke cigarettes. I am scandalised, scandalised I say!", which would be reasonable lines to have characters say if I wasn't supposed to empathise with them.