April 11th, 2003


Dealing with kids

I've become addicted to the writing of James Lileks. Leaving aside his views, his writing style utterly charms me. Here, he rambles about his toddler:

I took her to Target to get a nightlight. She chose a pink crown, and squealed with delight: "I'm a queen!"

Well, honey, No. You're a citizen in a country that long ago shook off the trappings of hereditary rule and monarchical privilege -- I mean, if royalty claims Divine Right as the basis on which it claims legitimacy, then putting you back in bed goes contrary to the wishes of God. I've read the Bible. The Commandments are silent on the issue of keeping the door open and the light on. They are remarkably specific on the matter of honoring Mom and Dad, however. So if I buy this crown-shaped lamp, it does not mean God is on your side. Well, he is, but in the general sense. I mean, look at the definition for the word Lucifer: bringer of light. One could argue that the nightlight itself is the heck-spawned abomination -- although Martin Luther did note that lighting a candle is preferable to cursing the darkness, so it's obviously a point on which theologians can argue at length.


"I'm a queen!"

Whatever. We bought the crown.


I was looking forward to an evening of not very much (Erin being in Whitby and me not feeling terribly energetic on a Friday evening) when Bekka said that she was feeling a bit nervous about driving out to the airport to pick up Adam, as she's not been driving for that long and it's not somewhere she's driven to much.

Ten minutes later, I'm going with her. Her problems solved, my problem solved. And I get to see Adam, which wasn't going to happen this weekend!

Good evening

Bekka came round, we watched last night's Buffy (because her taping of it had failed) and a Simpson's episode, picked Adam up at the airport (he was surprised to see me there, but coped admirably with not being allowed to have sex on the spot) and drove back. We insulted each other amiably and argued over which lane to be in all the way through Edinbuyrgh's lovely one-way system.

Adam popped up to see the flat, watched the new Matrix Trailer (which you should have downloaded by now, if you value entertainment at all) and then ushered Bekka back out again, muttering something about "no sleep tonight" and "must have sex". It was all very sweet.