April 6th, 2003


Death and Birth

Ny father is a paediatrician, which basically translates as "baby doctor". Despite the various strictures in place about doctors treating their own famillies, he was there at my birth, generally getting in the way and doing his best to sabotage things.

So, I was born straight into his hands, a lovely shade of blue and not actually breathing. His first thought wasn't "Ooh, my years of training have taught me how to deal with this situation." but "Hmm, looks like there's a problem. Maybe I should do something. Or maybe I'm overreacting because it's my kid. Yeah, that's it, I'm bound to be overreacting."

Luckily someone not overcome by genetic linkage snaffled me and gave me the spaniking I needed to get me going (I've always been lazy).

Parent's eh. Can't live without them....

Browser Fun

Warning - don't do this if you're not pretty techie - I'm not responsible if you break your computer.

I highly recommend downloading the Mozilla-based browser Phoenix. Download the latest Nightly Build, which is a lot more feature-filled than the last major release. It seems to work with most things, is faster than IE and includes pop-up stoppers and tabbed browsing.

Once you've downloaded it, take a look at the extensions to see what add-ons you'll find useful. I've got Tabbed Browsing Extender and Radial Shortcuts installed so far.

So far it's been very smooth - and because most of the more impressive advertising methods use IE specific hacks, you'll see far less annoying ads.