April 3rd, 2003


Prepare for departure

Those of you between Canada and Mexico may wish to revise your living arrangements.

PATRIOT II is under review. This sequel to the delightful PATRIOT act will include:

  • Americans could have their citizenship revoked, if found to have contributed "material support" to organizations deemed by the government, even retroactively, to be "terrorist."

  • Legal permanent residents (like, say, my French wife), could be deported instantaneously, without a criminal charge or even evidence, if the Attorney General considers them a threat to national security.

  • Authorities could wiretap anybody for 15 days, and snoop on anyone's Internet usage (including chat and email), all without obtaining a warrant.

  • The government would be specifically instructed not to release any information about detainees held on suspicion of terrorist activities, until they are actually charged with a crime.

  • Police officers carrying out illegal searches would also be granted legal immunity if they were just carrying out orders.

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