March 29th, 2003



Went with Joe to see Equilibrium. It was fun the first time, because I hadn't seen it before and it kicks major ass.

It was fun the second time becuaseI could pay mroe attention to the little details and Joe's as much an action film nut as I am. So we spent the film giggling like schoolgirls.

Gooooo seeeee iiiiiiiit.

More Equilibrium

I think Joe hit the nail on the head when after Equilibrium he said he was going home to watch Highlander. The film has a similar feel of a low-budget movie doing what it can to be personal and stylish at the same time. They both feel like the writer/director cared about them a lot and were determined to bring something a little different to the screen because it was what they wanted to see, not because it was a way to make money.

Famous first words

Most people have thought about famous last words and methods of death - quiz for the evening. In the afterlife, assuming you get an afterlife, what would you want your _first_ words to be?