March 25th, 2003


Hitting the books

I had a training course today - Standard Life have banks of computers in each building for people to spend time doing 'lone-study'. I reserved a training course on Lotus Notes: Collecting and Organising Information and was supposed to spend 6-8 hours working my way through it. 2:39 later (including a ten minute coffee break with Bill and a 5 minute news-break) I'm done with it.

And convinced that,while the Notes interface is still unabashedly terrible, there's a lot of functionality in there. I'm going to work my way through the training courses over the next few weeks and see what I can do with it.

Slanted Reporting

If there's a liberal bias to the media, why have I seen numerous articles saying "Michael Moore booed at the Oscars" and not one saying "Michael Moore cheered at the Oscars"? After all, both happened.

Someone else's AI review

Nicked from the Standard Life review board:

Spielberg, Kubrick, Aldiss. So much talent to produce so much dreck...

"We've built the most advanced robot ever - capable of experiencing and sharing true human emotions. Let's give him to a couple with a sick kid in cryo-freeze and all the mental anguish that entails, see what happens to him."

"Oh cr@p, that didn't work. He appears to be on the run. Did anyone think to rig a tracer in the chassis of this $$multi-million prototype...? No? Damn!"

"Well done, David - you've reached your goal - we're all very pleased. Now I've shattered your dreams, you just sit here and wait for 10-15 minutes while I go and get everyone from the next room. Don't run away now..."

"Hi. We're the super-robots from the future. Instead of replicating your old emotion-capable hardware and building you a robot mum who'll love you forever, we'll give you one day with a pre-broken clone. How's that?"