February 25th, 2003


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Cheers to heron61 for this link to a jurnal by someone spending the winter in the Antarctic:

Tomorrow the last plane should leave here with the remaining summer crew and
leave us winter-over people to fend for ourselves for the next
eight-and-a-half-months. Tomorrow is Saturday and I will have Sundays off
from now on, and will start a little later in the day (yay). After the last
plane leaves for the season it is traditional to watch both "The Thing"
movies together as a station. I would like to skip the first one and only
see the second one (John Carpenter version: Kurt Russell and "the hat") but
I think the peer pressure may be too heavy.

Stress levels rising

I left work at 4pm so that I could be at home from 5-6 when the plumber came to fix the kludge he used to get our Dishwasher installed. He hasn't come now and it's quarter past 6.

Our buzzer doesn't work (the same people who are doing the dishwasher were supposed to quote today about the buzzer), so I've sat here by the window from 4:30-6pm, waiting for him to show up. I may have missed him when I popped to the toilet or the kitchen. Where I couldn't cook dinner, because Erin's moved the lighter so I can't get the grill started.

So I'm hungry, I have to leave now to get to Hugh's for 7:00 and Erin's phone hasn't been answering all evening, so I can't update her or ask her where the lighter is so I can make dinner.

I don't even want takeout - there's perfectly good sausages in the fridge, but I'm going to have to eat out tonight. I feel stressed to hell and back over this. I know it's silly, but I was finally getting somewhere at work at 4pm, but I left it so that I could housewatch for no reason. I have a meeting with my manager tomorrow over "contributions planning" at 9am, so I won't even get to get stuff working when I go in.

As you can tell, my brain isn't working very well at all.

And now I'm off to roleplay, where I shall try to destress and enjoy myself.


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To repeat the end of my previous post - gah!

I now know why I spent all of today feeling stressed, this evening feeling terrible and grumpy and have had no concentration.

I have sugar cravings like no tomorrow. I'm sweating lightly despite it not being that hot at all in here, my brain feels fuzzy and I spent the last 4 hours staring at chocolate swiss roll and wanting to just pick up the whole foot long behemoth and cram it as far into my mouth as possible.

I thought the weekend grumpiness had been all of it. I'd forgotten that when I get adapted to sugar it takes at least at week to get it out of my system, if not two.

Sigh, I shall attempt to get a decent night's sleep tonight and hopefully will feel more lik facing the world tomorrow morning.