February 20th, 2003



For those of you interested in either body modification or totally against it, here's a page of video stills to delight/revolt you.

Personally, I'm going to feel vaguely ill, but if that's what they want...

Rollick made me do it

Who: Male, 30, Developer

Where: Edinburgh

Doing What: Working for Standard Life, gaming occasionally, writing occasionally, p[rogramming occasionally. Still uncommonly stressed over moving house, despite having actually, y'know, finished doing it.

Alignments: Libertarian Socialist with liberal leanings. Lazy.

Tastes: Many kinds of music from Dido to Coptic Rain via Metallic, Pink Floyd, U2, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Dire Straits. Films that surprise me. Books that make me think. Dancing in the dark. Long walks up hills. Psychotropic chemicals. Pretending to be people I'm not. Being challenged.

Distastes: Alcohol, lies, hypocrisy, absolutists.

Niggling little details: 3 relationships, one ongoing for 19 months so far. One cat. One broadband connection. One complete Babylon 5 collection. Huge numbers of comics, books and videos. No intention of having kids. too much apathy.

Lifelong bêtes noire: The aforementioned apathy.

I wanna: Get my arse in gear. Find something I care about.