February 7th, 2003


New Friend

Allorin is here.

He's a friend from work and could do with some sympathy. He's literate, creative and generally fun. Just, like far too many people I know, going through a bad patch right now.

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From here.

TOLKIEN ENTHUSIASTS around the World are today celebrating the discovery of huge amounts of new material concerning the adventures of their favourite characters from the movie smash Lord of the Rings.
The unexpected party began when a computer science student from Milton Keynes uncovered the key to the secrets.

"Like many 'Rings' fans, I've bought all the merchandise to go with the movies," said 18 year old Kevin Warwick. "I've got the wizard's staff, scale models of all the cast and a giant washable poster of Cate Winslett. But imagine my surprise when I took a closer look at the companion book of the film.

"Like everyone else, I just bought the book to leave on the shelf to impress visitors. But completely by accident, the cat knocked the book onto the floor and it magically opened. Inside there are literally hundreds of pages of previously unseen scenes from the movie, including characters cut from the final version of the film. Some of it is even in the wrong order, so I guess it must be some kind of directors cut.

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Scary stuff here.

Pretending to be a teenage girl and following their strict rules they "would only visit innocently-titled chatrooms, would never approach others online, would never encourage sexual attention and would be non-committal and passive in online conversation."

"Nevertheless, during the two-week investigation, Sydney was approached by 30 men and even a middle-aged couple who apparently wanted a sexual encounter with someone they knew was a child."