February 6th, 2003


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For those people that don't read the LJ News community, check this out. Posting limits are being put in place. Free users are liable to be hit quite hard...

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On the other hand, us paid users can have 20 posts a day. Plenty for me to waste on things like designs for the Buffy Animated series here. Looks pretty cool.

SL Film Review - Catch me if you Can

This movie has amusing moments, but it is not a comedy
This movie is about someone pulling a series of con tricks, but it is not a caper movie
This movie has chase scenes, escapes and guns, but it is not a thriller
This movie contains divorce, engagement and Leonardo diCaprio topless, but it is not a chick-flick.
This movie is a good old fashioned _story_.

If you go into it expecting it to fall into a genre, or present you with anything clean cut, you will leave confused and dissatisfied. If you long for good guys and bad guys and the thrills and spills of their duellings then you will be unfulfilled. If you want your chase scenes to contain explosions, your love scenes to have violins or your endings to be happily ever after, then this is not your film.

If, on the other hand, you want to see a (largely) true story about real people, who have good points and bad points and struggle to get through either, to see people cope with events beyond their control as best they can and to see fantastic performances that aren't archetypal, cliched or unabashedly cool, then you'll love this.

Goodness knows I did.

The music is seamless, the look is fantastically authentic and all the performances are spot on. If you find yourself thinking "But Tom Hanks is quite flat" then remind yourself - he's playing a real FBI member, obsessive and pedantic and humourless, because that's what a good investigator is. Nobody in real life is perfect and nobody in this film is either.

Score: 9/10

ObQuote (and this was hard, because it's not the kind of film conducive to cool quotes):
Carl Hanratty: Sometimes it's easier to live the lie.