February 5th, 2003


Michael Jackson as the epitome of Western Civilisation

This western libertarianism often ends up protecting madness. Nowhere is this clearer than in Jackson's love of pyjama parties and 12-year-old boys in his bed. No one feels competent to intervene because they can't tell the difference between a harmless lunatic protected by individual rights or freedoms and individual rights used to protect a harmful lunatic from scrutiny. Perhaps the smokescreen of eccentricities, talent, money and civil rights, created by Jackson, means even the protagonists don't know what's going on. Most worrying, as we advance towards a war to protect western values, is that Jacko may not be an aberration but their logical outcome.

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A whole bunch of newspaper cartoons on the subject of the Columbia disaster here. Mostly dull and repetitive, with the occasional interesting one. Makes you wonder if they all get together and agree a few basic ideas or if there's really just not that much you can say.