February 2nd, 2003


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Well, that's the music industry dead then.

The EU just declared that commercial file-sharing was definitely wrong, but individual file-sharing should not be illegal.

Which, I guess, makes my copies of Limewire and Edonkey just fine then...

Snow Day!

Down at Ikea today, spending £700 on new flat stuff.

While wandering between Comet and Homebase it started to snow.

An hour later, while wandering back again it was a blizzard.

Half an hour later when the sky returned to the default blue there was nearly an inch of snow carpeting the place. It looked gorgeous and I didn't even mind when Erin hit me with a carefully placed snowball.

Having paid extortionate amounts for my electrical appliances and identified new beds for buying on Tuesday, we headed for the bus stop, only to find that the hill the bus stop was at the top of had become an icy death-trap. Vehicles going down it were basically sliding from top to bottom and coming up it meant going at a maximum of 1 mile and hour.

We watched a bus go down the way, sliding gently back and forth, and decided that our bus was never going to make it up the hill. We were going to have to walk back into town and see if we could find a taxi. For those of you that don't know, Ikea, Comet and Homebase are about one and a half miles outside the outskirts of Edinburgh, along a dual carriageway. There was pavement for bits of it, and then the walkway headed off to run parallell through a tiny collection of houses. We had no idea where we were going, except that Edinburgh was yonder, it was damn cold and t was getting dark.

Eventually (45 minutes later) we hit the edges of Edinburgh and found a bus stop which looked vaguely hopeful (having long given up on any taxis making their way out as far as us), where we froze for over half an hour before a bus finally turned up. Two frozen but thankful people were then ferried back into town, me heading off to Guy's for cards, Erin heading home for a few days worth of Tivo'd Dawson's Creek.

I'm staying in until spring, it's just too cold out there.