January 20th, 2003


Building up (part 1)

This started off in conversation with nICk, where he asked me clarify what I meany by objective and subjective and I warbled on incomprehensively about how I felt about both words, leading him to (effectively) point out that I was making no sense, contradicting myself and generally failing to come across at all well. So I'm going to start off again and see if, rather than taking things from the discussion we were already having, which was confused enough as it was, I could start over from scratch. So, nICk, having written and rewritten my answers to that comment three times, you're getting this instead. Which hopefully makes up for it's lack of "replyness" in it's increased clarity.

If this one also doesn't work, I'm going to bloody well keep on trying until I actually have something that makes sense. I'm determined to eventually have something which holds together. As usual, all comments gratefully received on the following:
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