January 15th, 2003


And a gay time was had by all

Just in case you care, I got nothing done tonight, as Erin was asked to review the gay night at the Stand Comedy Club, so I went along to see how the camp half gets its funnies.

The compere was fantastic, like a somewhat cruder Graham Norton, only bitchier. The first act was very, very dull and seemed to know it, which surprised the hell out of me. If you know you're dull, then why the hell are you on the stage? Second up was The Campest Link, which was very funny and fantastic fun, if unpolished. Third up was headliner Tina C (who performed Tina C's Twin Towers Tribute at the Fringe this year) who sang us a few fantastic Country and Western songs, led us in I Love Rock and Roll and finished with an acapella version of I Became Schizophrenic (so I could love you twice as much).

All in all a fun time. I think I might go gay, they seem to have more fun.

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Nicking this news from the IMDB. This kind of thing upsets me:

Music superstar Madonna has been ordered by her record company to re- record her new album - because it's too extreme. The pop queen has been forced to return to her Los Angeles recording studio with producer pal Mirwais after label Warners warned her the LP's electro-pop sound is over the top. A source close to the singer tells British tabloid the Daily Mirror, "Madonna feels like she delivered her best album yet last week but the record label have insisted that the material needs to be changed. They really liked what they heard and it's another example of Madonna reinventing herself. But the problem is that it's too avant-garde to be a commercial success. She had used far too many electronic synthesizers on her voice and had morphed a lot of her vocals to sound like a robot. There was even a 12 minute long track. She was reluctant, but in the end has no choice but to go back to square one." The LP - Madonna's tenth studio recording - has reportedly been provisionally titled Ein Sof, Hebrew for "Endlessness."