January 13th, 2003


How about a game of tactical thermonuclear war?

Over here is a discussion I got into predicated on this:

Which is worse - rape or murder?

Got your answer?

You probably answered "murder". Now, would you let your children play rape games? Would you play them yourself? If you answered "no" to either, your next question is: Why are the murder games okay?

Rape and Murder

Following on from the earlier post about violence and games, I thought I'd give my reasoning for why murder is worse than rape. If people would like to chime in with their reasons either pro or anti mine, I'd be interested to see them.

You don't get better after murder. You never get to do anything, ever again. You are over. The end.

Whereas I know several women that have been raped (a horrifying proportion, in fact) and I've seen all of them be happy on many many occasions.

I wouldn't take that away from them by wishing they'd been murdered instead.