January 10th, 2003



Apparently some of you don't pay attention to current science news and missed the announcement of the discovery of the causes of teenage angst.

Shame on all of you.



Really strange dream last night. The first half had me as a bit of a delinquent in a city, joining a theatre group and travelling to a theatre to practice. The city was on the side of a huge steep mountain, with a coach taking us all the way up to the point where we had a fantastic view of the city laied out beneath us and the sea in front of us.

Various things happened at the theatre, including flirtatious bonding (of the early teenage kind, so not exactly sexual, but definitely charged), but then the tone of the whole dream changed as the coach was taking us back down the mountain.

Looking straight out (rather than down the mountain) I realised the seas were swelling enormously. It wasn't so much that there was a huge wave coming as that the sea was split into two levels and the higher levels was a good mile above the lower one. I was mesmerised buy the site of huge waves on top of this collosal super-tsunami which was poised above the city, crashing down towards it.

The coach turned around and headed back up the side of the mountain in a desperate (and doomed) attempt to outrun the wave. We were just caught by the top edges of it and washed hundreds of feet further up the mountain. The next bits of the dream are a bit of a blur, but I remember it ended as we (me and my friend from the theatre) were working our way back down the mountain, through strange post-apocalyptic tribes as we went to see what remained of the vast city-civilisation. Things got faster and faster and I was sliding down the mountain on some kind of sledge at terrifying speeds.

And then I woke up.

And I can still see the sun glinting off of tiny crests of the huge waves that are themselves lining the top of a towering edifice of water.

It was beautiful.