December 31st, 2001


New Year

Aah, another New Year rolls around. This time last year I was working for a different company, sharing my house with (slightly) different people, didn't have a girlfriend and never imagined my current situation in all sorts of ways.

I've just got back from Northern Ireland, where I was visiting Erin's parents and seeing her home town. Leaving aside the trips there and back (which were the usual small amounts of hassle) I rather enjoyed myself. Her sisters were both pretty cool, the area is quite nice and I got to got for a beach walk, visit a foreign country (the town of Letterkenny in Donegal, which is North of Londonderry, but in the "South"), walk the walls of Londonderry and get a guided tour of the places Erin grew up in. Oh, and it snowed on the 28th, so I got to throw snowballs too!

Now I'm back in Scotand and looking forward to the party tonight. We've had a New Years party at my flat for the last 4 years running, and they've generally been fun (with the obvious occasional incident, like John putting his head through the toilet window last year). There's an old friend (Chris) over from Germany this year, Adam's back from Belfast for a few days, and it's seeming like a better and better idea to keep this going to make it easier to keep in contact than ever.

Meanwhile, I'm in the office to discuss the server upgrades (happening on the 5th) with Graham, only to discover that he's got a doctors appointment first thing, and that the upgrades might be put back (for reasons I won't know until he gets here).

Oh, to be back in bed.....
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