December 26th, 2001


Computer games (an old addiction returns)

I used to play computer games a lot, from pong (yes, really) through the original Atari Console, the BBC B, Atari ST and PCs from 386's upwards (yes, yes, I'm old).

I've not been a massive addict for a couple of years, I've played games, but the only time I've played for several hours at a time was on Counterstrike, and that's short games (a few minutes a game) versus multiple online opponents, so it keeps sucking you in.

As you will have read in a previous entry I downloaded Civilisation 3 a few days ago. I never played Civ 1 or 2, to be honest it never looked that inviting compared to (say) Command and Conquer or Doom. I sat down to give it a quick go last night as my family started watching the Ninth Gate at 7pm (I like Jonny Depp, but not _that_ much). Next thing I know they all troop in to say good night and then it's quarter to midnight and my eyes feel like someone has been sandpapering them.

So this morning I come down, start up the machine, prevaricate for a few minutes and then load Civ. I check over my position, realise I'm well and truly sans paddle and decide to start over. Suddenly it's 2 hours later and I realise I'm a tad hungry and haven't really spoken to the family I'm in Kent to see.

Sometimes, coming back to an old addiction can feel just like coming home....
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