December 20th, 2001



Sitting here, watching Norton Antivirus uninstall, piece by piece, flicking from random LiveJournal to random LiveJournal, trying to find anyone who I can sympathise with even slightly. I'm sure that somewhere out there are more people who think similarly to me, have similar interests, etc. With 6 billion people on the planet, it seems somewhat unlikely that I'd be that unique.

I'm still finding my journal useful. It's therapuetic, just for getting ideas out of my head, and it feels good to be writing something again. I've even started making notes for things to write in it, when I'm not near a computer.

Uninstall completed, must restart now.


Lunchtime ritual

Inefficiency really pisses me off. It's a waste of everyone's time and detracts from time I could be using for slacking off.

Every day, I go from my desk to the canteen, wait in the queue (because the menu is never up when the canteen opens) and ask what lunch is. If it's not what I want (fairly frequent, due to the low quality of the food here) I ask for a chicken burger, chips and salad. Then (because they never have any ready cooked) I have to go away for five minutes (long enough to get back to my desk, complain to Graham and walk back to the canteen).

If there was an internal web board where they could stick the menu and accept advance orders, it'd make my life substantially easier. I wouldn't be taking up queue space at all, they'd not have to answer the same question repeatedly, and we could all get more slacking in.