Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


Are, as usual, best laid. Which is ironic, considering that the floor laying could be going...better.

Not that anything has gone _wrong_ as such, it's just taking longer than expected, which means that rather than coming home to a lovely looking hall, kitchen and bedroom, and then spending some time clearing the study so that they could put the flooring down in there tomorrow, I instead came home to a lovely looking hall, and half the bedroom.

Which does rather leave me with a shortage of places to sleep. Now, I do have a lovely brother, sister-in-law and nephew living in the centre of town. On the other hand, said nephew tends to get up at 7am and we...don't. A quick check of showed up a bunch of hotels for cheap, and £30 later we're staying somewhere nice just up the road.

Which led to the following conversation:
Julie: I have a plan! Let's go to the cinema tonight!
Andy: And we can get dinner in one of the nice restaurants next to it!
Julie: Dinner and Cinema!
Andy: Dinnerma!

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