Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

When Customers Attack

Or, in this case, go a bit odd.  This was forwarded on from the person who actually took this call.  Not connected to my employer (or I wouldn't post it).

Just had a very bizarre complain call.

Woman phones up, call gets passed to me.

Her - "I was going to tell you to change my bank details you pay into,
but now I'm not."

Me  - "okaaaay . . . . . "

Her  -  "I've just been to Santander and it's much too complicated to

Me  -  "okaaaay . . . .  "

Her  -  "So I want you to change my bank details back to what I have
just now."

Me - "Had you instructed us to change anything before now?"

Her  -  "No, and now I don't want you to."

Me  -  "Right, I'll make sure we don't do that change you haven't told
us about."

Her  -  "Fine, good."

And she hangs up.

I feel I was missing part of that conversation.

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