Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


Back home again. Aah, sweet broadband, how I've missed you. Seriously, the inability to watch videos, download even small files in less than 10 minutes, or use Spotify really drove home how reliant I am on broadband, and thus on city living. Although apparently 95% of the country has 2MB or better, which means my parents just live in the middle of nowhere...

Anyway, flight back was fine - delayed by only 15 minutes, which is nothing. Flat is in one piece, boiler seems to have held together too. I'm exhausted, have a bit of a cough, and am missing Julie. The quiet, thoughm after a week of being around people 24/7, is fantastic.

Now that I _can_ watch all the videos I've missed in the last week, have this:

via andrew rilstone

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