Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Holiday pics

Walking the dogs. Uther (10 months old) on the left, Tara (7 years old) on the right

Eating Christmas Pudding. Meredith, Noah, Mike and Hugh

A traditional Christmas Scene. Me, Noah and Hugh warms ourselves with the white heat of technology. Noah's a big fan of the Special Agent Oso website. Also, "Thomas Tank!" as he puts it.

Noah helps make Hugh's birthday cake. (Hugh's unfortunate enough to be born on the 26th. Bad planning if you ask me)

Noah's reward. Nuff said, I think.

These deer are far away. In the mist. At dawn. Prizes for identifying species and gender.

My elves prepare to strike deep into the halfling homelands. Take that, dirty hobbitses! Note that I'm wearing my Happy Birthday t-shirt. The birthday spirit did not go as far as letting Hugh actually win anything.

Uther, Tara and myself pose for the camera. Uther, spotted here chewing my fingers, is the one that keeps stealing my duvet, rolling onto his back to expose himself and then snoring. Also spotted, bottom right, is Herbert, who was mine as a child, and is now adored by Noah for periods of up to 17 seconds (double his normal attention span).

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