Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


Julie ded of ill (strangely enough, said ill came on shortly after she emailed her paper off to her supervisors for approval).  I came home and was then joined momentarily by marrog and erindubitably who needed to print off sheet music for marrog to warble at her new choir.  After they left I woke Julie and we ordered pizza.

Pizza was devoured over Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.  Which I enjoyed, but felt was more of a linking piece than a movie in its own right.  Julie preferred it to Wrath of Khan, a judgement I shall lay firmly at the feet of the aforementioned ill.

And then we both had showers. 

Our first showers in the newly finished bathroom.

I have to admit I was feeling nervous about this - after all the fun and games getting the bathroom installed in the first place, my worries about the boiler, and then discovering that the cold water needed to have a bypass put in I was worried that it was _still_ going to be wrong.

Instead we've ended up with water temperature that's nigh perfect and enough pressure to blast you across the room.  Neither of us have felt this clean in a long time.  Certainly not since Julie moved in here and we only had access to the (rather feeble) electric shower.  It's fantastic.  Well worth the £3,000 that the bathroom ended up costing.

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