Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


Has been spent on the sofa, in a dressing gown, wishing my head didn't feel tight all the time and that the world would cease swimming in and out of focus.

Julie has managed to also contract whatever it is (or I caught it from her *suspicious look*) and so we've basically spent the day complaining at each other in a series of coded groans.  She, sadly, is winning, largely due to her period coming on at the same time.  This has meant that she's been able to intersperse her groans of "My head is swimming whenever I stand up." with groans of "Why does my uterus hurt so much?  Cut it out!!", which I feel is an entirely unfair advantage.

We have managed to watch about 6 episodes of Ugly Betty season two - which is pretty much exactly the right level for for a brain that's been rendered non-functional by viral attack.  I've not been so much watching it as osmosing it as it shone over the top of the laptop.

I'm feeling somewhat better now (although still a bit out of it, as can be detected by the purpleness of my prose - something which seems to accompany the quasi-psychedelic feelings that accompany both tiredness and illness).  I'm feeling up to playing Neverwinter Nights, which means I'm capable of clicking on things repetitively.  When dinner is ready (the pie is in the oven) we shall see how I deal with Mad Men, and slowly I shall claw my way back to a level of humanity capable of dealing with computer programming.

(Thanks go to erindubitably for offering to bring round food and medicinal supplies earlier - thankfully Julie was forced out of the flat for emergency academic activity and was able to purchase sufficient provisions on her way home to survive both this cold and the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  Now, if only we had a shotgun...)

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