Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


The Bathroom:Very, very nearly done.  The floor is in, the bath is in, the tiles are up, the lights are up.  All that remains is the flooring trim to be put down, the bath to be sealed, the sink to be put in and the cupboard to be hung.  Tonight it should all be finished.

Damp: The insurance company sent round a loss adjuster who told me that if it's a leaking pipe I'm covered, but if it's rising damp I'm not.  The plumbers haven't been able to work out what it actually is, so I'm getting the preservation company I previously used to do some investigation work.  Currently praying that it is a leak, so that I can get any expenses back.

Stress: Will hopefully now decrease now that I don't have plumbers, joiners, tilers and miscellaneous others ringing our doorbell at 8am every day.

Toy Story 3D: Will be viewed tonight, if all goes well.

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