Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Inching slowly forward

The bathroom suite* was delivered today.  This means that the study is now full of bathroom bits - and I'm ready to actually get it all sorted.  Email has been sent to the plumbers - huzzah!

And I got a phone call from my insurance loss adjusters to say that the estimate given by the builders seems awfully high so they're going to send someone round to actually look at the situation.  They originally did a phone interview, because they were short on people - so it's frustrating to now have to get someone out - especially as it's going to take until next Monday - but at least things are moving forward.  I hope they actually _pay_ for something at some point.

And I have the rest of the day off work.  I might go and do some tidying up...

*a bath, a toilet and a sink.  In white.  Suite seems somehow too posh...

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