Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

The only cable you'll ever need?

This Register story talks about a webcam using USB3 to stream 1080p HDTV in real time.

I hadn't realised that the bandwidth was quite that high - but looking at the specs, USB3 can manage 4.8Gbit - which is high enough to carry 1080p video without a problem (uncompressed RGB being 2.5Gbit) even with transimission overhead.

There doesn't seem to be a device class for video players (There's a video class for video producers (webcams and the like), but there's no reason why one couldn't be produced.

I suspect that there would be "security" implications over using it for things currently encrypted over HDMI - but I don't know enough about the details.  In any case there doesn't seem to be a technical reason why your graphics output couldn't just be another USB socket...

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