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Last Night

Julie, Padmini, Joachim, Mike and I went to Kismot for a meal and chat.  Thoroughly enjoyable discussions ensued, from sexual technique to Joyce and Schizophrenia, via discussions of whether Dune was actually, well, _good_.

And then Julie, Mike and I headed off to the cinema and watched District 9 together.  We all liked it an awful lot - and when I came home I spent a bit of time looking at a couple of reviews - particularly this one.  Best link I've bumped into so far is to the real life District 6.

I was also impressed by my inability to tell where the special effects ended and real life began.  I'm fairly sure they didn't have any giant insects hired for their respective roles, but who can tell?  We also agreed that we wanted to know what happened next - Julie's instant response was wanting a sequel :->

Today we're rearranging the flat some more, in the hope of getting something we can live with for the next couple of weeks.  Just as soon as the latest episode of Freaks and Geeks is over.

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