Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Latest on the damp

The new plumber came round and contradicted the previous plumber by telling me it probably _is_ the radiator.  Which makes four experts and three separate opinions so far.  He now goes back to the assessors, who go back to the insurance company, and hopefully they decide between them that I am covered by insurance.  But, apparently, this will take about a week, so my stress levels will remain at "elevated" for the time being.  Oh, and once it's cleared I then have a week of having plaster ripped off and dehumidifiers extract buckets of water and _then_ I get to have it put back together again.

It's pretty frustrating - the living room is full of stuff that should be in the study/bedroom, the mattress from the bed is in the middle of the study floor most of the time (except when it's propped against the wall to give us some space), and clothes are all over the place.  It rarely seems worth tidying up because the place can't get anywhere near 'tidy'.  It's been two weeks so far, and it seems likely that it's going to be at least another three before I have a flat I actually like living in.

The one saving grace is Julie, who has been incredibly supportive, helpful and lovely throughout it all.  It's not quite so bad sleeping on a mattress in the study when I'm sleeping next to her :->

Anyway - fingers crossed that it doesn't end up costing me too much money, and that a month from now we'll have a flat that we can actually have people round to visit!

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