Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Progress Update

Yesterday Hugh, Meredith and Noah came over and helped me and Julie take apart two large IKEA wardrobes and reassemble them in what is now the bedroom.  They were massive, and I'm terribly grateful.

Oh, and we went to see a late showing of Funny People at 11pm last night (we called it a night on the packing/unpacking at 10pm) - it wasn't actually a comedy - being more about comedians, who are generally a bunch of depressed assholes.  Worth seeing though - it was well made and we both enjoyed it.

Today, Julie and I have to go clean up at her old flat, and then take all of our clothes and put them back in the wardrobes.  A fair chunk of the clothes are destined for vacuum packing or disposal, as I do my first proper clear out in about 8 years.

Julie's asleep at the moment, as she's also been even more ill than usual over the 36 hours - with her permanent slight-cold deciding to go on the attack.  Going to wake her up with tea soon - we have a lot to get done if we're going to make it to erindubitably's "One year in Scotland" celebrations later.

(Oh, and apologies to dalglir, who is in town for the first time in ages, and I simply don't have any spare minutes to meet up with!)

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