Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Achey Breaky Body

Last night my brother Mike was up for a wedding, along with his friend/Lionhead coworker Chris, and Chris' girlfriend Bex. He arrived at the train station at 4:30 and I'd booked us in to see Harry Potter and the Lack of Payoff at 5:15 - thinking that a 10 minute taxi from the station to Hugh's place (where they are staying) and a 10 minute walk to the cinema would be plenty.

The best laid plans of mice and men were, however, nearly fucked by rush hour traffic and tram-works, meaning that it took the taxi 10 minutes just to get out of the train station and nearly half an hour to get to Hugh's. At which point we dumped bags and dashed cinemawards, where we met Julie and managed to secure some decent seats altogether

I enjoyed the movie, largely because I enjoyed all the character bits, and we chatted about it as we headed to the Auld Hoose for food/drink.  chuma met us there and we ended up drinking/chatting until 11:00 and then wandering home to collapse into bed, where Julie then had the hiccups for 15 minutes, until I found this solution - which worked perfectly first time!

This morning I was picked up by Gregor who drove me (and Cat) to a woodland site, where tisme had organised a day of shooting small pellets of paint at each other at 300 feet per second for 10 of us.  Three hours and much bruising later he drove us home again.  I have marks all up my arm, but nothing compared to marrog's neck (or call_waiting's).

I staggered in to meaningrequired's place, collapsed, and then had a much-needed shower, the combination of boiler-suit and visor having damn-near boiled me alive.  Then we ordered dinner from Kismot (the best Indian food we've found in Edinburgh) and watched Star Trek: The Slow Motion Picture with bracknellexile, which we concluded could be cut down to about 35 minutes if you took out all of the sequences that were there purely to show off the special effects skills of Doug Trumbull and John Dysktra.

And now I'm collapsed on the bed while Julie plays Sims 3: The Addictioning.  I'm completely dead on my feet, and rather looking forward to not moving much.  Apologies to likeneontubing for not making it to her party, but I'd just fall asleep on her sofa!

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