Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Flatmate wanted for a friend

At the end of August Julie is moving in with me, and I'm looking for a replacement to move into her current flat.

Her current flatmateSimon is great and very easy to live with - and I'm helping look because he's a good bloke who deserves someone nice to live with!

Looking for someone mid September (possibly a bit earlier).  Flat is in Meadowbank, close to a big Sainburies and M & S outlet store.  Room is a double room with fitted, mirrored wardrobes.  Looks out onto a park, and is a five minute walk from Holyrood Park/Arthur's Seat.

Rent is £325 pcm plus bills.  Simon's stipulation is that he wants someone with a regular income (as will the letting agents), non-smoker (or willing to go down 2 flights - the lease says so) and no irrational loathing of Top Gear.

The letting agent is Charles White and have been pretty good.  Anytime something needed fixed, it got fixed with no fuss.

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