Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Things that piss me off #93741: appalling commenting functionality

I'm sorry, but if you run a blog, forum, discussion site, or whatever, and you have comments, and the commenting system does not _at a minimum_ allow for threaded comments and the ability to receive comments letting me know when someone has replied to me then your system is made of massive, epic fail.

Because I do not have the time, attention span or wish to bookmark your comments page and come back to it repeatedly, just to see if someone has replied to a comment I made.  And I do not wish to go trawling through every comment that occurs under your post to see if someone has said "@37 I have important information which could change your mind."

And so I need to see threads, so that I can tell which comments are replies to which other comments, and thus are part of a coherent conversations.

And I need to be emailed if someone replies to my comment, so that a fruitful conversation can take place.

I do not see why either of these pieces of functionality are in any way surprising or outlandish. 

I really can't see how you can expect to have useful comments without them.

And if you didn't want that, why do you have comments at all?

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