Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Best Agony Aunt Ever

Dear Auntie Oxidant

I think my boyfriend might be a bit Aspie. He can't pick up on hints, never realizes when I am miserable (even if I am crying) and can't make conversation with my friends. I have described his behaviour to some of my online friends and they seem to think he has Aspergers.

Yours, Twilight Fan

Dear Twilight Fan

Your boyfriend is not 'a bit Aspie'. He's just a bloke. He can't pick up on 'hints' or tell when you are miserable because, as an adult, he has progressed beyond responding to passive aggression or sulking. He probably chooses not to talk to your friends because they are asinine bores.

As forgetting your online friends to diagnose him? If your cat was sick would you get a bunch of women who spend all their time online posting pictures of 'Edward the vegetarian vampire' dolls' they have knitted from their own pubic hair trimmings to diagnose him? No, I thought not.


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