Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Something's up

And I'm not sure what.

Didn't sleep well last night or the night before, I feel fuzzy and slightly off-kilter.  Which may be just the tiredness, but frankly I'm fed up with it and want to just relax, get a decent night's sleep and enjoy my weekend.

I seem to be suffering from low levels of stress, but I'm not sure why - everything is actually going ok at the moment, work's rolling along, Julie and I are good, we have a weekend ahead with nothing planned but time with each other (for the first weekend in a month), and there's no reason I should be feeling slightly on edge - a feeling that's been underlying things for the last couple of days.

Bah - I'm going home in two hours, hopefully the weekend will be good for me.

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