Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

My very own Late Devonian Period

Sitting here in the living room, typing quietly, as both parents are feigning death following our walk up Crockern Tor and subsequent large lunch.  Even the dog's exhausted, having spent the afternoon resisting the urge to chase sheep, and has retired to sprawl on the parent's bed.

My stomach is substantially better, as my dad diagnosed me as having a mild gastritis, possibly brought on by my cold, and has stuck me on Ranitidine (to lower stomach acid) and Gaviscon (to line it, while it recovers).  The combination has meant that I've been reduced from intense discomfort to the mild kind, and from ongoing pain to occasional.  I'm burping a fair bit though.  This should all be temporary, and I'll be off the drugs within the week.

I feel somewhat conflicted, as part of me could do with another 3 or 4 days like this, and part of me wants to get back into work and get the verdammt project finished (2-3 weeks of work away).  I'll have to go with the latter, and that's not troubling me too much.

Of to catch the place at 5:30 - I'll hit Edinburgh at 8:30 and then do a bit of tidying before collapsing into sleep.  Twill be nice to get home again.  

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