Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


I've just discovered that (a) Thunderbird has whitelisting, and won't make as spam anything from people in my address book and (b) I can tell it to automatically move any email from people _not_ in my address book into a separate 'unrecognised' folder.

I've now got three filters set up:
1) Everything with ****SPAM**** in the subject line gets junked (that's put there by SpamAssassin on the server, if it scores over 5 - I haven't noticed any false positives in over a year).
2) Everything from LJ gets stuck into the LJ folder.
3) Everything not in my address book gets dumped into "Unrecognised".

This should leave my inbox for things from people I know.

Now, if only there was a way to run these filters intermittently, so that when I check my email from the web client or my phone it's already been filtered, I'd be happy.

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