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Interesting Links for 25-09-2020


Interesting Links for 24-09-2020

Why Netflix Keeps Canceling Shows After Just 2 Seasons
(tags:TV business Netflix )
I am delighted to live in a country where police use of a Taser triggers an independent investigation
(tags:police Scotland regulation )
Judith Butler on the culture wars, JK Rowling and living in "anti-intellectual times"
(tags:transgender jkrowling feminism )
Brexit: Police to stop lorries without permits entering Kent in new internal border
(tags:trade UK Europe Doom )
JPMorgan to move $230 billion of assets to Germany ahead of Brexit
(tags:UK Europe finance Doom )
Scotland's block grant from Westminster cut by £309m
(tags:Scotland tax money UK )
I think I might finally have found something I'd like read at my funeral
(tags:poetry death )
The experience of being a lawyer while also not being white sounds completely exhausting
(tags:racism UK law )
Sturgeon calls for stronger UK Covid restrictions
(tags:UK Scotland pandemic )
Ministers 'must tell students to stay on campus over Christmas' to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks (maybe should have mentioned that before they spent thousands of pounds to go there)
(tags:pandemic students university UK OhForFucksSake Doom )
Kubaba, the Bartender Who Became the First Woman Ruler in History
(tags:history women sumeria )
UK gin supply 'under threat' from deadly plant disease
(tags:alcohol UK disease )
Against the armed forces torturing people? Labour will sack you
(tags:labour torture military )
UK's coldest September night in more than 20 years
(tags:weather UK Scotland )
Why it's wrong to think of the Northern Irish violence as primarily Catholic Vs Protestant
(tags:religion UK NorthernIreland history violence )

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Interesting Links for 23-09-2020

How legendary weekly British comic, 2000 AD, survived Covid-19 and thrived
(tags:comics business pandemic uk )
How to choose the ideal form of government
(tags:government comic funny names )
Insurance firms will be forced to give renewing customers the same price as new ones (banning introductory offers)
(tags:insurance regulation uk )
Coronavirus in the UK: Boots suspends new flu jab bookings due to unprecedented demand
(tags:flu disease pandemic UK )
China sharply expands mass labour program in Tibet
(tags:China Tibet )
The Tech Behind the Mind-Reading Pangolin Dress Could Lead to Wireless—and Batteryless—Exoskeleton Control
(tags:technology brain cyborg clothing )
Covid in Scotland: Indoor household visits now banned
(tags:Scotland pandemic )
Covid-19: Scottish surge in cycling continues (43% up on last year)
(tags:Scotland cycling bicycles )
Ranked-choice voting will be used in Maine's presidential election
(tags:voting USA )
Older people have become younger: physical and cognitive function have improved meaningfully in 30 years
(tags:age health )
Serco Have Subcontracted Contact Tracing Jobs To The Company Embroiled In The Tax Credits Scandal And Debt Collection Companies
(tags:UK pandemic outsourcing )
Loose Ends: A Literary Supercut of Sci-Fi Last Sentences
(tags:scifi writing remix )
"Every Streaming Service" - a funny look at the various services looking for your money
(tags:streaming video funny viaSwampers )
In case you were wondering how long it takes trucks to get in to the EU from outside...
(tags:trade Europe Russia Doom )

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Spotify and Sonos - the opposite of customer service

I have a Spotify account to stream music with.

I have a Sonos, to stream music to.

You'd think that, as they're both amongst the most popular of their kind, getting them to work together would be simple.

But no. If I open the Sonos app and browse my Spotify albums this is the top of the list:

Which is to say that the order is not alphabetical by album. And it's not alphabetical by artist. It seems, in fact, to be in "descending order of date you added the album." So an album I added today will be at the top of the list (kinda handy), but under that, there is absolutely no way to say "I fancy listening to Appetite for Destruction" and then finding it. At all.

"For goodness sake!" I think, and head off to see if this is being discussed on the forums.

Where I discover that Spotify say Oh, that app is controlled by Sonos and Sonos say Oh, that data is controlled by Spotify.

How hard can it be for someone at Sonos to get someone at Spotify on the phone and fix this? Well, hard enough that this seems to have been an issue for about two years!
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Interesting Links for 22-09-2020