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Interesting Links for 26-02-2020

Beloved, You Are Not "Torn," You Are In Denial About Your Choices
Found this one fascinating because I've drifted like this in the past and am very glad not to be this person any more.
(tags:relationships Choice decisions )
Austerity blamed for life expectancy stalling for first time in century (and declining for the poorest)
(tags:inequality poverty austerity uk Conservatives )
Ancient 'lost' civilisation uncovered by archaeologists in Turkey (who defeated King Midas)
(tags:turkey prehistory archeology )
I am absolutely fascinated by how "Sovereign Citizens" think the world works
(tags:weird law society conspiracy )
FactCheck: the Conservatives' youth unemployment claim
(tags:unemployment employment UK conservatives )
The original sins of grammarians still plague the rulebooks
(tags:grammar language history rules OhForFucksSake )
How to share bad news of sexual abuse by someone you trusted?
(tags:abuse support )
Freakangels Adapted For Animation At Crunchyroll
(tags:comics TV WarrenEllis )
Third of Poland now declared 'LGBT-free zone', making intolerance official
(tags:bigotry LGBT Poland OhForFucksSake )
Covid 19 looks likely to become the fifth freely circulating coronavirus
(tags:virus )
Scotland to make period products such as tampons and pads free
(tags:Scotland menstruation viaSwampers )
Getting Sweet Patron Money On the Modern Internet
(tags:business money CrowdFunding )
UK income inequality greater than previously thought
(tags:inequality uk )
More humans than thought survived volcanic super-eruption 74,000 years ago
(tags:prehistory volcano )
Secret doorway in Parliament leads to historical treasure trove
(tags:parliament uk history )
A Gamer Has Beaten Superman 64 Over 300 Times
(tags:viaSwampers games superman )
Getting 6 hours sleep for 2 weeks is as bad as no sleep for 2 days - but you don't feel as tired.
(tags:sleep )
Musicians Algorithmically Generate Every Possible Melody, Release Them to Public Domain
(tags:copyright music technology )

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Interesting Links for 25-02-2020


Some thoughts on the opposing ways autism is viewed

I had a realisation recently about the "autism wars" - an ongoing disagreement between some autism specialists and some autistic people over how autism should be viewed and approached.

One of the groups thinks of there being "mild autism" and "severe autism" (or "high functioning" and "low functioning"). And they are the ones who want to treat it, and mostly focus on the needs of parents in dealing with their disabled kids.

And then there are the ones I knows more of personally. And they basically think of autism as being a different way of thinking. One which happens to have a common co-morbidity with intellectual disabilities - but the cognitive style and the intelligence issues are separate, they're not two parts of the autism. The first part is the autism, the second just hits a lot of the same people.

And (one of the reasons) the disagreements seem to keep happening because the two sides do not realise that they are conceptualising things so differently. If you think of autism as being both the difference in thinking style _and_ the intellectual disability then the people who talk about how autism isn't a bad thing are clearly detached from reality. And if you think of autism as being a difference in thinking (of which group a higher than normal percentage are also affected by an intellectual disability) then people who want to "cure autism" are basically saying "We want to wipe out your way of thinking".

I don't have an answer for this. And it's not my area of expertise. This is just one thing I've noticed. Please do feel free to point out anything stupid I've said, and I apologise in advance for any offense I've caused.

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