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Interesting Links for 15-10-2021


Why I haven't been sharing links about the ongoing Northern Ireland Protocol

1) If you're actually interested in the detail of this stuff you're probably reading about it yourself.
2) It's all just posturing. There's no real change on anything, and it's full of nonsense like this, where the UK's negotiator says things like "We have to do X to reach a deal!" - when we *have* a deal, and violating that deal will lead to a trade war with a bloc that's right next door to us, a very large part of our trade, and has an economy six times the size of us. We will not enjoy that at all. Oh, and will also piss off the Americans, which we will also not enjoy.

So there doesn't seem to be any point reporting "Today we said yet another fatuous thing in order to make it look like we actually pose a threat to our neighbours." It doesn't add anything to our knowledge, it's frankly not interesting, and there are some excellent commentators out there who are able to say actually incisive things about it if you are actually interested in such things.
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Interesting Links for 14-10-2021


Interesting Links for 13-10-2021


Life with two kids: Tiny dancer

Jane reminded me that there was a dance class for pre-schoolers about a ten minute walk away from the house. And pointed out that Sophia loves dancing along to music and has been doing lots of "Watch me mummydaddy!"* while she twirls around.

So I booked her in to a set of three taster sessions, was delighted that the person answering my emails was really helpful and friendly, and took her along on Sunday morning.

She was quite nervous in advance, and tried to back out a couple of times, but I managed to persuade her it *might* be fun, even if it was a bit scary, and so we walked down there together.

The studio is called Babyballet, which made me worry that it was going to be some kind of intensive hothousing, but it turned out to be 5% "Here are some really simple moves" and 95% "Here is a bunch of fun dancing for all the kids to do together." The teacher was really lovely, great with the kids, and made sure that Sophia had a mat to sit on that was directly in front of me in case she got nervous.

In the end Sophia had an awesome time, and the first thing she did at the end was demand to know when she'd be going back. I've told her that I'll buy her an outfit if she goes to all three taster classes and still wants to go again. And now I've worked out that I might be doing this every Sunday for *years*!

*Yes, all one word.
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Interesting Links for 12-10-2021