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I do not like travelling alone

I'm a pack animal, raised with two brothers, and used to doing most things with other people. I prefer watching TV with others, because it doesn't feel the same laughing (or being frightened, or whatever) by myself. I enjoy going to the movies, but I enjoy the conversation about it afterwards almost as much. Even largely solitary activities, like reading or coding, are improved by company, and having someone I can occasionally excchange a few words with. I'm frankly not a homeworker, preferring to be in the office where there are others to sympathise with in person.

Travelling magnifies this. I do not like completely unfamilliar places, or situations where things can go easily wrong. Travelling as a pair meant that if something went wrong then we had backup possibilities if anything went missing/wrong. Now, the chances of anything going badly wrong while wandering around the south of England is very slim, but my natural nervousness is really not comfortable with me being in strange places without someone to run plans past, back me up, and generally be supportive at/with me.

Oh - which reminds me. I'm off travelling around the South of England for a lomg week.
Today->Sunday - parents in Devon
Monday - Ed in Brighton
Tuesday - Phil, Virginia, and Frankie in London
Wednesday - Sana in Oxford
Thursday - Back to London (no particular plans, if anyone wants to hijack me)
Friday - Mike and Helen in Guildford (datime likely to be free if anyone has suggestions)
Saturday - Mike and Flick in Canterbury
Sunday - fly back to Scotland. Turn 44

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I recommend: A Common Man: The Bridge That Tom Built

The life and times of Thomas Paine, as told in a one man play which grabbed me from the second he stepped out from the red-striped curtain to the moment of his death an hour and a quarter later.

From his birth in Thetford, through privateering, sea crossings, revolutions (one American, one French), and numerous attempts on his life by accident, disease, mob, and politician, through to his eventual death, neither the character or the actor ever cease to be captivating.

It's in quite a small venue (which I forgot almost as soon as the play started), and was completely sold out for tonight's performance. If reviews spread as fast as they should then future shows will do likewise. Get tickets while you can. Here (where you can also see that the professional reviewers loved it as much as I do.)

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I do not recommend: Mercy and the Wild Sea

Do you have a bunch of fairly bland rock instrumentals lying around? And some fairly bland female-led songs? Some shots of a couple acting love at each other in fairly-pretty countryside? And some in-game footage from Elite:Dangerous?

Have you considered taking them all together, adding in some between-music linking sections where the world's smallest piece of plot is delivered in the most portentious manner possible, throwing in some sci-fi twists and turns that would make a 12-year-old proud and a 16-year-old embarassed, and then stopping before you reach the end?

Because if so it's entirely possible that you were responsible for this. Which was at no point actively bad. The songs were song-like. The instrumentals were competently played. The plot was so non-existent that there was nothing there to actually find fault in other than its lack.

It was just very, very, dull. And I almost fell asleep halfway through.

(Astoundingly, there are no reviews I can find elsewhere either. For a show just off the centre of town, with a decent size room, this seems bizarre to me)

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The power! The terrible lack of power!

At about quarter past 11 the power went off.

I assumed that the fuse box had blown. Until I glanced out the window, and noticed that the street outside was pitch black.

So, of course, in the spirit of apocalyptic investigation, the three of us wandered into the street. I checked I had my keys and coat. Erin checked I had my keys. Alex completely failed to wear shoes*. We walked to the end of the street and there were no lights anywhere, except for a couple of burglar alarms going off with tiny lights on them.

And so we walked all the way out to the main road, and could see no lights towards the centre of town, except for the lightshow of the castle right in the centre of town for the Tattoo (I assume). There were some lights about a quarter of a mile the other way though.

And then we came home, using our phones as torches. I would have felt more smug about my portable battery pack if it wasn't down to 25%. But as that's enough for a couple of phone charges, still useful.

And then I stood in the corner of the kitchen, chatting on IM to Jane, who helpfully checked the SP Energy website while I phoned them. They said
Your property is currently affected by a supply interruption in the EH1,EH6,EH7,EH8,EH15,EH16 EH21 & EH22 postcode area Edinburgh. This has been caused by a fault on our electrical network and is affecting a number of customers in the local area. Our emergency response team have been alerted and we expect your power to be restored by 1.30AM. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. This message was created at 11.25PM on 8th August 2016.
Which, frankly, is a fucking huge chunk of Edinburgh.

And then I basically killed time for a bit being amused at other people dealing with the power cut on Facebook. And was about to go to bed when the power suddenly came back on, about an hour earlier than expected. So now I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish running so I can hang up clothes. And resetting the clock on the microwve. And restarting the NAS and Plex server. And being very grateful that this is the first power cut I've had to deal with in about 20 years.

*Something something New-Zealand Hobbit Furry Feet Something

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How to enjoy Sucide Squad

1) Have all of your friends tell you it's an absolutely terrible film.

2) Be pleasantly surprised when it is merely a bad film.

(I'd have chopped out almost all of the first half hour. And a lot of the writing was weak. And large chunks of it made no sense. And it was offensive in a variety of ways. And I am in no way recommending it.)

In capsule:

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