Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Giving blood for the first time.

I've always been scared of giving blood. And I have no idea why.

Not _terrified_ of it. It's not a phobia, and I've given samples blood for testing purposes with very little fuss on numerous occasions.

But every time I've considered giving blood I've procrastinated over it to the point of it never actually happening.

Apparently in my current mood I'm doing things I wouldn't ordinarily do, and finding it easier to step over those barriers. And so when Storm asked who would join her next Tuesday, I volunteered instantly.

Which I did deliberately, knowing that this would then bind me to doing it. And by writing this, I'm further binding myself. And once I've done it once, it should be easier to do repeatedly.

If anyone else in Edinburgh wants to volunteer, let me know...

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