Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Stop Fucking Plate Shaming!!!!

A guest post* from my friend Farah, who has had diagnosed coeliac for 18 years:

Ok. I am at breaking point on this one.

Stop Fucking Plate Shaming!!!!

Saying that people are faking food allergies/sensitivities/intolerances because you see them eat something they shouldn't is no different to calling a wheelchair user a fake because they walk a hundred yards in your presence.

I am pre diabetic. I starve myself some days so I can have a glass of wine or dessert at dinner.

I am terribly dairy intolerant but if it's night time and I can sleep it off, I'll steal a sliver or two of cheese from the cheese board.

I don't really cheat on the coeliac because it's too damn painful but I know that the symptoms from a little soy sauce are manageable so tho I'll order my food without I'll steal from your plate.

My Dad's coeliac is much less severe than mine. I yell at him for eating a piece of French bread/slice of matzo or Cornish pasty but it doesn't make him a faker.

My mom has a passion for brown sugar meringues. It doesn't mean she is faking her diabetes.

I was brought up that whatever my private thoughts, commenting on someone else's plate was bloody rude.

And no, sometime gluten refusers don't make life more difficult for me.
A) they help sustain a market for free from foods
B) the jerk wads who use others to claim I must be "faking" too are the same jerk wads who would try to test my migraine by secretly feeding me cheese or a friend legumes (I ended up sick, she almost died).

Show respect. Not your stomach, not your plate, not your business.

*Farah posted this on Facebook, and asked people to share. As I thought what she was saying was important, and applies to me directly, I thought it was worth me hosting a copy in a more public place .

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