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Andrew Ducker

Well, that certainly had a battle in it. And there were definitely five armies. (Tiniest spoilers)

The general reaction coming out of the movie was that it was good fun, and we enjoyed it, but that you could have cut 20 minutes out of it and made a _great_ movie. And that Peter Jackson should not be allowed to put comedy in his films.

Seriously, putting moments of (naff) comedy into scenes that would otherwise be marvellously dramatic? Why would you undercut yourself like that? What did he think he was adding?

Oh, and I'd cut both of the scenes with Tauriel and sexy-dwarf making eyes at each other. And the final scene with her and Thranduil. (Other than that, I was absolutely fine with her as a character.)

On the other hand, generations of technical geniuses have pushed forward the boundaries of computer graphics _precisely_ so that Billy Connolly can headbutt orcs to death. And that was awesome.

I feel pretty much how I thought I would - The Hobbit is _definitely_ too slight to carry the narrative weight that's been put onto it, and so the series is not entirely satisfactory on its own terms.

However, as part of a six-part series of films, it works rather well, setting things up for LOTR, and increasing the scope nicely. Frankly, if someone was coming to them fresh, I think that having them do so with the Hobbit trilogy first, and then LOTR, would work better than the other way around.

And now I can now look forward to the extended edition, in about a year's time.

(Oh, and someone taking all three films and making a fan edition that only has the book bits in it. That would make a few friends very happy.)

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