Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I'm almost certainly not going to watch Interstellar

That's now four of my friends who have watched it and then come back to the social media to talk about what an offensive pile of arse it was.

Not offensive in a sexist/racist way. Just that it led them down the alley of "Hard sci-fi, science that makes sense, and plots that hold together", before thrusting them up against the wall of "Utter bollocks" and stabbing them in the back with the knife of "We don't have to make sense, we have special effects and loud music instead."

Which is a shame, really. Not that I mind films that are utter nonsense and make as much sense as the ramblings of an eight-year-old. I quite enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy, and the "science" in that made as much sense as you'd expect.

Which, I think, is the point. I don't expect plots that make huge amounts of sense in my superhero movies. Or in Doctor Who (although that can stretch too far at times). But when a movie goes about looking all realistic, that raises expectations. In this case, apparently, just to dash them to the ground and then stomp on them.

Favourite tweet on this subject:Oh, and also apparently Christopher Nolan still cares very little about people hearing the dialogue. To the point where this was posted up in a cinema in the USA that was fed up with the complaints:

So to sum up: I find it very hard to turn my critical part of my brain off when the rest of the movie has asked me to turn it on. I would therefore not be likely to enjoy the movie. I wish that I could. I hope the rest of you enjoy it.

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