Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Edinburgh, St James - past, present, and future

I saw the first pairing over at [ profile] lostedinburgh, and couldn't resist digging out the mockup from the Edinburgh St James site.

(And also the fly-by from when they announced it, which is pretty cool.)

It's a shame they don't line up a little better - I'd love to take their model and produce a shot that matches the two photos. Still, it makes it clear how much of an eyesore the current building is - it really won't be missed.

I just noticed that we're apparently losing the bridge over to the car-park. Which I always thought was a pinnacle of form over function - it looks kinda futuristic and pretty, but provides fuck-all protection from the wind, despite being 50 feet in the air in Scotland...

Edit: And plus points to the photographer - I just noticed that they got the bus coming up the hill to line up...

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