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My new toy is awesome in the shower
it must be true
A couple of months ago I bought one of these - a bluetooth shower speaker.

It is awesome. I tend to get bored in showers (unless Julie talks to me), and this is the perfect cure to that. There's nothing like some Metallica, or Abba, blasting away from this thing stuck on the shower wall, to get me bouncing up and down.

It was really easy to set up. I just charged it, pressed it onto the side of the shower panel, and then told my phone to connect to it. Thirty seconds later, music loud enough to annoy the neighbours!


Right, that's me very awake now anyway. Between that and Game of Thrones this morning, I'm ready to enjoy my week of holiday!

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Yet again proof that other people gladly spend WAY longer than I ever do in the shower. Short of the odd sexual adventure, for me, it's precisely as long as it takes to get clean (and I parallel task by shaving my legs etc. whilst my conditioner is in). I just do not find showers interesting enough to stay in any longer than needs be. Clearly I am a weirdo.

Glad you have found some shower-amusement.

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Looking at track lenghts, I spent about four and a half minutes in the shower this morning.

This is approximately four minutes and twenty-nine seconds longer than it takes for me to get bored.

Oh dear.

You have got me thinking though. Strangely, I don't think I get bored at all these days. I am often where I don't particularly want to be (at work) with not much to do, and waiting til an appointed hour, but I can't describe any of it as "boredom". Even in airport queues, which are a little sigh-inducing, but I don't seem to care at all these days. Very Very Odd.

Sounds healthier than me.

To be fair, I'm not that sure I get _bored_ - I start thinking about other things, which can be fine. Or incredibly stressful, depending on the things. So most of the time I want a distraction from that.

OT but I love that userpic.


I do have a bluetooth speaker but it's

1. Not loud enough
2. Not waterproof

Now I'll be able to listen to Good Morning Scotland without that annoying break between leaving the bedroom and getting to the kitchen. Phew.

I stick my ipad in the far corner of the bathroom and netflix RuPauls Drag Race when I'm showering.

I just sing loudly. The cat runs off and the husband complains..

We have the same one, based on an intolerably long and blathering video "review" that nonetheless impressed when the reviewer actually got to How The Thing Sounds. Ours, however, is pink. :)

It does sound awesome. It's great having something which actually distracts me from the boredom of being in a shower :->

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