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Greetings from space year two-thousand-and-fourteen!
Yesterday I rode a tram for the first time.
(Largely because one of the stops is right by my work office, and the York Place terminus is on the bus route home). It was very smooth, and reasonably quick. I shall look forward to taking one again when I got to Belfast next week for the Game Of Thrones exhibition.

Speaking of which. Oh. My. God. I had trouble sleeping last night. Brrrrrrr.

Oh, and this morning I paid my brother for my share of my mother's birthday flowers/present. I did so by selecting his name from a list of contacts on my phone. My bank then used the mobile number to work out who he was, and route the cash to the correct account. I'm sure that to some of you this sounds old-fashioned, but being able to do instantaneous free payments from the tiny touch-screen computer in my pocket feels pretty awesome to me.

Truly we are living in the technological dream-world we were promised as children*. Space-fives all round, everyone!

*No, you cannot have a flying car. Non-flying cars cause quite enough havoc, thank-you-very-much.

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The Edinburgh and District Tramways Company called from 1905 to say electric-driven trams were their idea first. :)

Actually, in 1905 the trams in Edinburgh were cable-pulley. The ones in Leith were electric though, and the Leith residents were not impressed at Edinburgh's behind-the-times attitude:

I seem to recall something about hydro-static pressure powered trams at one point.

Interesting that they considered the overhead cables to be visual pollution, but were presumably fine with the mountains of horse poo that the horse-drawn trams would have tracked everywhere.

I don’t want a flying car. Think of the fuel bill for not much extra gain in mobility.

On the other hand I was Trump watching a few days ago. After he’s bought his next golf course in Scotland he apparantly has plans to fly rich men around between the two in Scotland and the one in Ireland in helicopters.

I found myself thinking that in the robotic world of the future with cheap made things and robot helicopter pilots this might be a service that people could enjoy for municipal golf courses.

Drone-copters have merit - I wonder how efficient they are though, compared to other forms of transport.

My teacher was talking about how Amazon had briefly entertained the idea of drone-delivery, at least within short distances of shipping warehouses. I was both intrigued and disturbed by the idea (mostly because of people hacking that shit and sending it wherever the wanted to.)

And I, too, am continually astounded at technology. The first time I heard banks could do deposits just with pictures of checks, my jaw dropped. I'm no old fart, either, but it still amazes me what we are learning to do.

It's really neat and fulfills a sense of wonder that I hope I never lose.

It is pretty awesome.

Not that I've used cheque-book in a very long time. Everyone does direct bank transfers nowadays. I'm still amazed how far behind the US lags on this - presumably because your regulators haven't been willing to force you all to get with the times!

Although you will apparently _finally_ be moving to Chip and PIN in October next year.

I found it insane how easy it was to use somebody elses credit card in the States.

The ex would give me her mothers credit card and send me out to get dinner. And I was like... isn't this a problem? And she just laughed. And of the maybe, couple of dozen times I used it? Nobody even looked at the card, my signature, my identity. It was crazy.

Never mind flying cars, where are my jet-powered rocket pants?!?

(And don't let Red Dwarf tell you there's no such thing!)

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Was the tram busy? Or just people like you doing a 'all so I can say I've done it'.

40-odd people on my carriage, I think. It wasn't jam-packed, but it was busy enough that when I wanted to get to the front I had to squeeze past a bunch of them.

We've got ever improving LRT here in the Twin Cities. I am from DC, so it kind of shocks me that it took until 2014 for Minneapolis and St. Paul to be connected by light rail.

There is old history regarding rail, locally. We got FUCKED by car culture in particular up here in the Twin Cities. But we're taking it slowly back.

It really was horrible, even knowing exactly what was coming. The evening rather lost its zing after that.

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