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Interesting Links for 31-05-2014

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I read somewhere how fat is not the enemy of being skinny, and that modern sugar is so processed that it's way harder for the body to break down than foody fat cells. Plus fat's likely to make you FEEL fuller faster, thus leading you to eat less. Good article about the yogurt. (Which, personally, I can't stand. I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like yogurt, but still - good article.)

I have trouble finding high-fat low-sugar yoghurt. The vast majority available from Tesco are low-fat/high-sugar, just because 'Low in fat' remains a holy grail for advertisers.

But yes, I much prefer the full-fat ones, rather than the ones stuffed with fake sugars.

Even small supermarkets usually have a couple of full-fat plain yoghurts: own brand, Onken, Rachel's, Yeo Valley, etc. Nice with banana mashed in :-)

Part of my issue is probably I just check for whichever brands are on special offer that week, and get those. Because yoghurt has gotten expensive!

Ah yes, none of the above are cheap brands :-) but the own-brand plain or Greek (style) should be ok.

Tesco sell both an own brand Greek and a "Creamfields" bargain Greek (79p for 500g), I know because I eat tons of it. Plain, of course!

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Excellent, thank you. I will look out for that. The other problem I find is the selection is just a bit... mind-boggling.

The thing is that up through the end of Dance With Dragons the only main character from this time on having enjoyable consensual sex is Dannys and that actress changed her contract after Season One specifying that she wouldn't do sex scenes. (Mostly because in Book 2 and Book 3 most of her sex scenes are lesbian and she thought they'd exploit that.)

So, there is really no way for them to do the type of sex that that writer would like.

Much as I'd like to believe that bit about yogurt, I want to know who paid for the study.

The simplest way to improve your diet is to Read the Ingredients.
In the States, it is official doctrine of the Food Industry that people do not want yogurt with the texture of yogurt. So it's difficult to find yogurt without glue for a "stabilizer". (I exaggerate slightly. I've only seen gum Arabic rarely, but pectin, tapioca, etc., etc. can only be evaded with relentless vigilance.)
And as long as you're reading the ingredients, it's easy to see that low/non fat yogurt often has more calories than whole milk yogurt . . . That's an annoying lot of sugar.

I'd forgotten that about Maya Angelou, though I've read her autobiography, but a long time ago. I don't think she'd recommend prostitution as a profession, though. I wonder if our society will ever get to the point where being a sex worker is as necessary and respectable as (say) a physiotherapist.

(Where have they put the s*****g spellchecker, d****t!)

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