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I'm all for movies that do something different
The Hair!

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I'm a sucker for things like this - I don't mind movies that follow a bunch of movie standards, if they do so entertainingly, but something completely different? I'm all for that.

Based on a Stanislaw Lem book, I believe.

I've been hanging out to see this.

Apparently "inspired by" rather than "based on" - which presumably means they paid less :->

I expect the Wachowskis nicked some of the Futurological Congress for The Matrix as well.

That looks very interesting indeed!

Ooh shiny. *adds to must see list*

It reminds me of both A Scanner Darkly and Synecdoche New York.

I'm not entirely sure I get the premise from the trailer. I mean, I thought I did for the first half... but then the animation started.

Looking at the trailer, it seems like one of those high-concept sci-fi films that can either live up to potential or fall painfully short of it. So I'll keep an eye out for it, but I'll have no see more before I decide if I actually want to see it

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