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My eyes: A solution

Ten points to Gryffindor manintheboat for a diagnosis of Uveitis. Would have been fifty, but as an eye-based-professional I can't help but feel she had an unfair advantage!

I arrived at the Eye Pavillion today, to find it looking very closed. Thankfully, someone else arrived at the same time as me, and they knew about the magic intercom system, so I was able to gain access to the in-patient ward, and see a doctor almost immediately.

He listened to me ramble about all the stuff in yesterday's post, took a look in my eye, added some drops to it, got me to rest my chin on a contracption while he literally touched it with a device of some kind*, told me what I had, gave me some more drops to enlarge the pupil in my right eye, and chucked me back out to the waiting room for ten minutes.

He then took another look, confirmed that it's uveitis (probably anterior), that as this was the second time I'd had it** they'd take some blood when I come back in six weeks for a checkup, that they almostn ever found anything, and it was probably triggered by stress, handed me a bottle of steroids (to cure it) and something which prevents pupil dilation, to stop the pain. As I _like_ being able to see without things being blurry, and am not in pain, the doctor told me I didn't have to take the latter - but gave me some in case it got painful again.

On the way home my father told me that he had an incident of uveitis about ten years ago, and that he thinks there's a genetic link, and also with Crohn's (which my brother has). So I'll be mentioning all of that at the checkup in six weeks! As I get patchy skin that's worse when I'm stressed, there's clearly _something_ going on there. So long as it doesn't get really bad until I can get a robot eye and being my borgification I shall be happy.

*At which point I was gripping my legs and literally holding my breath. I really do not like my eyes being touched - it's the major reason I don't wear contacts.
**October 2012 see this for the results and this for a picture. Brrrr.

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